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My Life at Sixteen

At the age of 16-19 is  where Girls teenagers make important decisions that are relevant to their future. The time and energy they dedicate to learning and the fields of study where they place their greatest efforts profoundly shape the opportunities they will have throughout their lives. A key source of motivation for students to study hard is to realize their dreams for work and life. Those dreams and aspirations, in turn, do not just depend on girls s’ talents, but they can be hugely influenced by the community,  personal background , and  families as well as by the depth and breadth of their knowledge about the world of work. In a nutshell, students cannot be what they cannot see. 

My life at sixteen (16TEEN) is a series of 16 episodes 60 minutes each featuring 16 female role models with a community who have successfully broken the ceiling of norms, stereotypes and archive their dream. The series is  accompanied  by a 16 printed magazine featuring the other 16 biographies of different Female role models communities. 

The project aims to access the Influence of parents, community and role models in archiving girls dreams and careers at the teeneger level The project on focus on accessing the following theme: 

  • Career concentration: The featured 16 role models  sharing their experience on to what extent occupational expectations are concentrated at teenage level, how they have changed over time and how they vary from one another.
  • Labour market relevance: The project will also look at how young girls’ occupational expectations are related to national projections of labour market demand, and what effort can do help young girls expectations to relate to the national projection of the national labour market and what is alternative do young girls have just incase their expectation is invalid.
  • Career Potential: The project  also assesses whether occupational expectations reflect the academic potential of girls. Does their dream job reflect their abilities, and what skills do they need to meet the expectation and where to get them?

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